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Committed Service

Commitment to customer service says it all. Our friendly sales staff, knowledgeable technicians, and detail oriented delivery team are factors that the other big box stores just can't compete with.

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Don’t just take our word.

Hamai Appliance has a rock solid record of professionalism, regularity, responsiveness, and innovation. We value what our customers say, and provide what they need. This is why people love us.

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Mark Beauchamp

The people at Hamai are very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. For over 10 years they've been helping me find exactly what I needed and I've been extremely satisfied. I also like the fact they are in business for the long haul, providing servicing even after the sale. Whenever I have a problem, I call and their service guys come right out. That's something that's hard to find at the other guys.

Pictor Campbell, Kihei

My wife Janice and I would like to send a note of thanks to the Hamai appliance team for their great service. We purchased a refrigerator from Hamai about five years ago and it had worked perfectly until three weeks ago. We called Hamai & within two hours their service men where at my house fixing it. Several years before, we had purchased a new stove from Hamai and we were having trouble with the slide out tray that is under the oven. Hamai sent a repair team out immediately and repaired it no charge. It can't get better than that. Thanks!

Rosa Lopes

Their customer service is what I remember good service use to be like. All of the items they carry are wonderful, and they stand behind each and every one. I always recommend Hamai Appliance to anyone who is looking for great quality and honest service.